"i thought of you" Fair Trade Products

We are excited to have in our shop products from “i thought of you”. This is a great company that is owned by a woman who is committed to spreading joy and prosperity through socially conscious work. We, at Mam’zelles Creation, gladly share her enthusiasm! 

These products are not only beautiful; they are also Fair Trade products that have such beautiful stories behind them. Each piece you buy is helping this small business that supports many artisans around the world, in hopes of creating lasting changes.

There are many advantages in buying Fair Trade products compared to typical mass producers. Just a few reasons would be these: fair pay for the workers upfront, safe working conditions, NO child labor (it’s forbidden), and gender equality is ensured. Because of this, many times relationships are developed due to long-term projects. This helps create the opportunity of providing food, water, shelter, education and an overall improvement of life for those people since they have jobs that they can now count on.  

Working together helps to achieve big changes! Let’s make a difference by supporting Fair Trade, by spreading hope and joy for these wonderful people. It changes the lives of those we don’t see.

Ann & Mélodie