Custom Eco-Friendly Handmade Tote Bags!


What makes our custom handmade Tote bags different from other brands on the market?

I ‘m so glad you asked that question. As we were looking for someone to work with to make our handbags, we were very specific on our requirements; first of all we wanted them to be handmade,  we wanted them to be of good quality at an affordable price and be Eco-Friendly.

After a long search on the Internet, I found this company, I read up on them and was really pleased with all I learned. They are a great company with a wonderful cause behind them. Mélodie and I fell in love with their mission and we knew immediately that we wanted to work with them.

Mélodie prepared all the designs and after our final approval they took over and made everything else.

They are in “business for freedom” as they say.  ALL profits from Freeset are used for the benefit of these women to help their business grow, hoping that more women can be freed. Wow, this is awesome!

Thus began our journey to custom bags made by hand, by Kolkata women! Knowing that each handbag we’ve had made for our Mam’zelles Creation has helped to provide work for women and that they are given back their dignity and provided with health insurance, among other things, is overwhelming. It’s a blessing for us to know that in some small way we have helped someone regain a part of their life. 

By buying this bag you are also helping the wheel to keep moving forward. Thank you for supporting them!

“The great thing is, when you buy a Freeset product, you directly participate in a woman's journey to freedom.”

Product description:

Fabric: Charcoal 100%(GOTS)* certified organic cotton sheeting (145gsm)

Measurements of bag :

height 35 cm x width 39 cm (13.78 x 15.35 inches)  

27cm (10.63 inches)

Handles : width 5.5 cm x length 61.5 cm (2.17 x 24.21 inches)

Colors of illustration on bag are white and pink

*Cotton Sheeting Colors

This bag can be used as a handbag, tote bag, grocery bag, school bag, or book bag. It’s very versatile and looks great whatever you put in it!

***May be a color variation compared to the image of the photo due to the lighting.

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Always a pleasure creating beautiful accessories for you and supporting something wonderful at the same time!

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