These are the latest additions to our collection of greeting cards. They are original creations made by Mélodie that are graphic designs, thus the name “Graph'elle”. They are unique, exceptional, elegant and refreshing. We wanted to go with a lighter sort of refined look for this series. We are very excited to present to you these new cards. More to come!

On this card, surrounding the butterfly you will read these words; Forgiveness, Hope, Grace, Love and Faith. This is done in wonderful colors that are softly blended together in order to bring out the elegance of the butterfly. We created this for you, and hope you'll enjoy it!

These cards have no text inside. Yet, there’s still our little touch inside that I will keep secret, for you to discover! :)

Don’t forget that in writing, you undeniably leave a mark or influence of your presence just by offering a card. These precious moments of tenderness, attention and kindness always fill hearts with blessings.

- Dimensions: 5 x 7 inches
- Carton: 14 points thickness
- Exterior finish is a shiny UV
- Colored envelope, includes a sticker
- Delivered in a protective waterproof cellophane sleeve

As always we try to deliver excellent quality!

You can easily offer this beautiful card in many occasions. Here are some suggestions:

- Asking for forgiveness…

- Helping someone along the journey…

- Encouragement

- Spreading joy

- Just saying Hello

- Being grateful

- Mothers Day

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All Rights Reserved.


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