Textured crochet handmade dishcloth


Did you ever wish you’d find a way that was more enjoyable and colorful to do your dishes?

Well don’t worry because we have just what you need to give you that bit of energy. :-)

These new handmade washcloths made with 100% cotton, are crocheted in a special way to make them fluffy and absorbent. It makes quite a difference from the ordinary or traditional dishcloth, which is really remarkable.

You just need to buy one and you’ll understand why you need more! They say that seeing is believing but in this case it’s more like trying is believing!

These washcloths are very versatile and could be used to your liking.


  • Dishcloth
  • Facial washcloth
  • Bathroom washcloth
  • Etc…

Color: hot blue

Measurements: 8 x 8

*** The heart is included in the price.

More of these in different colors coming soon!

***May be a color variation compared to the image of the photo due to the lighting.

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